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Research the Company 

If you are invited to attend an interview, you should start your preparation as soon as possible.  You need to appear confident, positive and be able to demonstrate knowledge of the company when you first meet your prospective employer, so there is no such thing as too much homework!

Ensure you have researched the company and gather information that is relevant to the position for which you have applied. 

The companies website is always a great place to start – here you will find out about their industry and company history.  Information about the organisations vision or mission statement can give you a real insight into the type of ethics and values they hold as well as their plans for growth and or details of their sister companies/group. 

Plan your route

Find out exactly where you are going and think about how you will get there - if driving, consider the time of day and the availability of parking and ensure you have change for the car park.  

Allow plenty of time to get to the interview- particularly in rush hour traffic – you will be more relaxed if you do a ‘dummy run’.  (there’s nothing worse than driving endlessly around a trading estate and having to ring the company for directions!!!!) 

If using public transport ensure you have plenty of time to allow for delays – if a major delay does occur – ensure you have their phone number to contact them.

CV &  Job descriptions

Make sure you have read through the job description and refresh yourself on the skills and experiences required for the position. 

Consider your work experience in relation to the job description and think of examples to give.  Make sure you know exactly what’s on your CV – especially if you had it professionally prepared!

Most employers will refer to it during the interview and will use the document as a basis for questions.   If you feel more comfortable – take a copy of your CV along to the interview. 

Prepare your own questions

It’s always a good idea to have some questions in mind that you can ask at interview, perhaps from the job description, to show you have thought carefully about the position. 

For example; culture, department structure, training and development opportunities available (avoid questions on salary, holiday and hours!!!) 

Jot them down on a note pad and take them into the interview…. Don’t try and remember them – you’ll most likely forget when you are concentrating on the questions being asked.