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5 Must-Read CV Writing Tips

1. Keep It Simple
Keep your CV simple yet filled with relevant information and keywords. Sell your skills, abilities, and accomplishments by showing how your skills and experience make you an excellent match for the role. Remember, the CV your marketing literature and it’s supposed to generate enough interest to secure you that all important interview. It is your ticket into a telephone interview at the very least, so it should make you shine!

2. Don’t Cram

If you have many years of relevant experience, it is not necessary for you to try to cram everything into a one page document. Two/three pages are perfectly acceptable and standard practice. Ideally keep your CV length no more than this.

3. Show How You’re The Solution
The employer has a problem - a vacancy they need to fill - so you need to demonstrate how you are the solution. Your CV should be drafted with relevance to the job for which you are applying. If you’re applying for a job as a software programmer for example, tailor your resume towards the position, highlighting specific skills or emphasising relevant experience the post requires. You can be a little briefer with experience/positions that aren’t so relevant.

4. Just List The Years
If you have an extensive career background don’t worry about including months and years for employment; just use years. This will be especially helpful if you’ve had a gap of a few months between positions. (Be prepared to justify significant gaps in your employment though) Use your common sense if you are a contractor for example, it may be appropriate to include months to show you have remained in regular employment.

5. Show The Result First
For greater impact, mention the result first then describe how they were achieved. Take a look at this example, before and after. Before: Designed and implemented a research strategy that resulted in £40,000 in additional revenues each month. After: Generated £40,000 in additional monthly revenues by designing and implementing a high impact research strategy.

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