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Christmas Legal E-Bulletin - Preparing Your Business for 2018
In the last Employment Law E-Bulletin of 2017, learn how to prepare your business for the new year ahead and the recent employment law developments that should be considered.
Louises Column - The Warriors Community Foundation
Many of us in business engage and support local causes, to help raise awareness and generate much needed funds for charities and local groups to continue their good work. I'd like to highlight and encourage you to get involved with the great work going on at an exceptional and award winning foundation, The Warriors Community Foundation.
Legal E-Bulletin - Reimbursement Scheme for Employment Tribunal Fees Announced
Sally Morris, Partner and Head of Employment for mfg Solicitors shares recent declaration about unlawful Employment Tribunal fees and the reimbursement that eligible applicants may be entitled to.
Louises Column - The Importance of Flexible Working
What to do as a job is the most important life decision that most people will ever have to make. This outranks other life-defining decisions such as where to live, starting a family, or getting married according to a recent survey.
HR Professionals Conference - Understanding more about the brave new world of jobs!
If you are a business owner, director or HR professional who needs to understand more about what the brave new world of jobs means for skills and business hiring strategies in the future don’t miss the annual HR Professionals Conference.
100 Year Life - Implications for Business
People are living longer - average human life across the world has increased in the past few decades. If that average continues to grow children in most advanced economies will have every chance of living well past their 100th Birthday.
What is a Contractor
Contractors, Consultants, Freelancers, Advisors, Self-Employed, Sole Traders? Have you heard any of these terms being used in or outside your company and found yourself confused as to what they are and how they fit into your organisation?
Louises Column - Queens Award honoured to Worcestershire Companies.
In 2017 Worcestershire won a total of five Queen’s Awards. As a county we are beginning to build something of an enviable reputation for being honoured by these prestigious awards which illustrates the breadth of outstanding achievements and innovation present within the county.
Hiring decisions can have a huge impact
In today’s tight labour market, the answer might not always lie in a candidate’s level of experience. Growing businesses are recognising that selecting people on potential, passion and possibility – a ‘high potential hire’ may be the best solution when the experience is somewhat elusive.
Legal E-Bulletin - Getting back to the fundamentals of employment law
With all the changes in legislation and pressures of UK Law, it's important not to forget some of the more basic and fundamental issues of employment law. Sally Morris, Partner and Head of Employment for mfg Solicitors shares her thoughts.
Supply Chain Success
In the modern day factory, the notion of nipping to the stockroom to get some parts or materials is long gone. We now live in the world of Industrial Vending Machines, where a key code or fob gives users access to what they need and then automatically orders new stock when required via “the cloud”.
The Significance of an Ageing Workforce
The ageing of the UK population comes as no surprise, but according to a recent report from Mercer the impact of this significant demographic shift has been masked until now by positive net migration. With immigration likely to fall in the coming years, particularly from the EU, the veil is lifted as we face a shrinking UK workforce.
HR Professionals Conference - 23rd Nov 2017
If you are a business owner, director or HR professional who needs to understand more about what the brave new world of jobs means for skills and business hiring strategies in the future… save this date!!!
Are Contractors the best Candidates?
An interesting article appeared in the Recruitment Grapvine this week asking the Question 'Are Contractors the best Candidates?'.
Louises Column - Health & Wellbeing Tops the Agenda
Healthier people tend to be happier, they also tend to positively contribute to society and the economy.
April 2017 Employment Law Changes
Are you on top of the latest changes taking place from April 2017?
Louises Column - Uncertainity Remains After Brexit Despite Growth.
Despite the uncertainty around Brexit the UK Plc is in better shape than predicted and many businesses are expecting and want to grow….but they worry that the shortage of the right people to fill their vacancies might hold back that growth.
Louise's Column - The Demand for Contractors
The demand for a flexible workforce in the UK continues to increase and for many is being embraced and has become engrained as the ‘new norm’.
HR Faces New Challenge
How relevant are our Human Resources departments as they are today? How do we create a competitive recruitment strategy and win the best talent for our organisations?
Hewett Legal E-Bulletin - Christmas Edition
Unfair dismissal claims, managing the staff party, bad weather and the Living wage... jam packed Christmas Legal E-Bulletin courtesy of mfg Solicitors
Louise's Column - Emerging Trends & Employment Market
The Bank of England has forecast that unemployment is set to rise amid uncertainty over Brexit but for now the market remains robust, with average weekly earnings also growing by 2.3% in the year to October.
Louise's Column - Can you help a family in crisis?
We are collecting food donations for people in our community who have fallen on hard times. The Food Banks reply on goodwill and support from local people – let’s get together and make this a happier Christmas for everyone!
Louise's Column - The true secret of success
Is the true secret of success to make lots of mistakes? Well, according to author Matthew Syed, it is only by embracing failure that we can improve our lives.
Louise's Column - Hiring of contractors on the increase
In some cases it can be challenging for businesses to hire the very best of the best for every position on a permanent basis.
Louise's Column - Renewed focus after Brexit
There is no doubt that the aftermath of the referendum result has sent shockwaves through the business community, despite the cloud of uncertainty the economy remains fundamentally strong.
Louise's Column - Strength Based Interviews
Many employers use strength based interview questions when recruiting these days as they bring out the genuine interest, motivation and overall aptitude of the candidate for the particular job in question.
Louise's Column - Hewett's launch Bespoke Training Service
Once we have secured the right people for our organisations, we need to offer them the training and development they need to reach their full potential.
Staff indcutions - getting it right....
Read Louise's column in the Shuttle about how a well thought out induction process can help get a new employee off to a flying start...
Lean and Green Manufacturing.
Our FMCG Specialist Mitch discusses Lean and Green Manufacturing, and the impact it's having within the FMCG sector.
Louise's Column - 50+ Skills Team
In this month's column, Louise discusses Hewett Recruitment's age positive route into employment.
Louise's Column - Collaborative Hiring
In this month's column, Louise discusses the benefits of collaborative hiring.
Hewett's build their own 'Talent for Growth'
In this edition of Live 24-Seven Ben Mannion, Director at Hewett Recruitment explains how Hewett's are building their own talent for growth
Louise's column - Building Talent for Growth
Louise discusses the upcoming Chamber Business Expo, and the opportunity to hear Hewett's 'Building Talent for Growth' Seminar.
Louise's column - The Year Ahead
Louise discusses the upcoming challenges and opportunities businesses face in 2016.
Hewett's Legal Corner #42 - January 2016
Employment Law - what to expect in 2016... Sally Morris from mfg Solicitors shares an insight as to the year ahead.
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 25!
It's the final day in our staff advent calendar, and we'll finish with the wonderful Louise Hewett!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 24!
It's Christmas Eve!! Our penultimate staff advent is our Director Ben Mannion, with one of his favourite Christmas jokes...
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 23 !
Only 2 days left to go!! Here's Will to carry on the countdown.
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 22 !
Jen may be away on maternity leave, but she still has a special place in our staff advent calendar!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 21 !
It's Christmas Week!! Emma is today's staff advent.
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 20!
Today we have Sarah Bulmer, one of our Industrial consultants looking festive!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 19!
Today we have the lovely Hannah, Kidderminster's Branch Administrator.
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 18 !
December 18th in our advent calendar is our Commercial Director Laura
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 16 !
Today it's Kidderminster based Commercial Temp Consultant, Brian Thornton!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 15 !
Our 15th staff member is the lovely Phen!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 14 !
FMCG specialist Mitchell Hampton is today's advent treat!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 13!
Today it's the lovely Judi!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 12!
Happy holidays from our Worcester based Senior Consultant, Kate Turnbull!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 11 !
Brought to you by our wonderful Operations Manager, Jo Watkins!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 10 !
We're in the double digits! Here is Worcester based temp consultant Harriet to carry on the countdown.
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 9!
Today it's the lovely June.
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 8!
The 8th member of staff in our Advent calendar is our happy little elf, Anthony!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 7!
Starring in our advent for 7th December is Joe Allsopp
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 6!
On the 6th day of December is the lovely Nicki!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 5!
Annie Anne continues our Christmas Countdown!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 4 !
Happy birthday, Di!
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 3 !
Brought to you by Steve and his festive jumper.
Staff Advent Calendar - Day 2 !
Our second advent treat of December is our Engineering Consultant, Harry Cronin.
Hewett Advent - Day 1 !
The first day of our 2015 staff advent calendar!
Louise's column - Worcester Business Community Carol Service
This month in the Worcester News, Louise's discusses the upcoming Worcester Business Community Carol Service.
Hewett's Legal Corner #38 - September 2015
Employment law changes from 1st October 2015 - courtesy of Sally Morris - Head of Employment at mfg Solicitors
Advances in Technology
Louise's latest column discusses recent advances in technology, and the challenges they create in the workplace.
Hewett's Legal Corner #37 - September 2015
Employers can now make fit for work referrals... update courtesy of mfg Solicitors
The Candidate Strikes Back
Louise discusses a piece of REC research, which highlights the importance of a positive candidate experience.
‘Gotcha’ moment for Louise Hewett
Louise was recently honoured with an award for 35 years of service.
The Benefits of Temping
In this month's column, Louise discusses the perks of being a temporary worker and how it often leads to a permanant position.
Certificate in Recruitment Practice
Congratulations to Brian who has just recieved his certificate from the REC!
Hewett's Legal Corner #34 - June 2015
Exclusivity Clauses in Zero Hours Contracts finally banned
Hewett Legal Corner #33
A recent article featured in 'Personnel Today' looks at the impact shared parental leave is having on the workplace in practice.
Health in The Workplace
A growing number of employees are adopting measures aimed at promoting and reinforcing healthier working practices and lifestyle choices.
mfg Joins Good Recruitment Campaign
Have a look at why mfg is the first law firm to sign up for the Good Recruitment Campaign, and how you can sign up your business.
Building a pipeline of talent....
Creating 'Talent Pools' will help maintain sustainable competitive advantage
Would your customers recommend you?
We used one of the simplest and most effective ways of measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty is through Net Promoter Score used widely and globally by household names like Apple and Amazon...
How can we Measure the Happiness of our Clients and Candidates?
As a business, we are absolutely embracing the opportunity for growth, but not at the expense of customer service...
5 top tips for structuring your work day
Take a look at these 5 top tips from Temp Specialist, Alice, on how to structure the ideal working day...
How to stop workforce productivity from freezing this winter
Low light levels, short days, and bad weather can bring down employees’ mood and energy levels and lead to a lack of motivation at work...
Five takeaways from the RECs new manifesto for jobs.
The Recruitment & Employment Confederation has released a four-point plan for growing jobs which it hopes will spark discussion in Westminster. Here are five key takeaways from the manifesto for jobs.
How to build the best jobs market in the world
The Recruitment & Employment Confederation will be taking forward a bold vision for the next government...
Young people feel like "prisoners in their own homes" because of anxiety
A third of unemployed young people regularly "fall apart" emotionally, stated by a recent report from the charity Prince's Trust...
Does your organisations performance management drive employee engagement?
In today’s high performing teams, employees take ownership of their own performance and act on their own to improve their capabilities...
4 Ways to Spruce Up Your CV for 2015
A nicely polished CV is necessary when you start applying for new jobs. Check out these 4 top tips from our Consultants on how to spruce up your CV for 2015...
Firm offering free drycleaning for jobseekers
The High Street chain Timpson is offering to dry clean suits for unemployed people for nothing, hoping they will feel more confident ready for their interview…
Wellbeing in the workplace helps beat January blues
According to office furniture provider, prioritising employees’ wellbeing at work is an effective way to help overcome the back-to-work blues this January…
Unusual Job - ‘Paintball bullet tester’
It’s not every day that you think your next career may be a ‘Paintball bullet tester’, however 10,000+ gave it a shot and applied for the role…
The key to a great interview is preparation
If you’ve got an interview coming up, check out these top 10 hints and tips from our Consultants - helping you prepare yourself for your next big interview...
The importance of creating a great Candidate experience
In this candidate short market it is surprising that some employers do not pay enough attention to creating a positive candidate experience…
British workers more scared of emotions than real danger at work
According to research from Samsung UK the majority of British workers believe that emotional demands make a job just as tough as physical challenges...
4 Interview Prep Tips You Can’t Afford To Skip
There are so many interview prep tips out there; let’s cover the most important four…
The need to work into our 60's, 70's and beyond
We’ve all seen ‘comebacks’ from old rockers like the Rolling Stones, Tina Turner but does it follow that the rest of us will want to ‘keep on rockin’ into our 70’s?..
Movember Madness
#TeamHewett are taking part in the Movember charity challenge raising awareness and understanding of men’s health…
Almost half of workers have no natural light in their workspace
An official report has revealed two fifths (42%) of EMEA office employees have no natural light in their working environment, continue reading for more interesting statistics from the Human Spaces Report...
BIG growth plans for Hewett Recruitment
Joining the Growth Accelerator programme has strengthened Hewett Recruitments expansion plans and seen the team grow considerably...
What makes an organisation successful?
Take a look at this latest blog courtesy of Business Coach Lucy Barkas, Lucy identifies what makes a successful business including a five point health check...
Tackling the 'Skills Shortage' in the IT and Engineering Sectors
The impact of the ‘Skills Shortage’ on IT and Engineering Recruitment in Worcestershire and the West Midlands
Hewett’s 'Chipping in' for Charity
On Thursday 25th September Hewett Recruitment competed in a Charity golfer and non-golfer day in aid of Little Princess Trust and Ruimveldt Children’s Aid Centre...
Double Whammy for Hewett’s!
Recently a number of businesses from across Worcestershire have been participating in Charity sporting events...
Malvern Festival of Innovation
Hewett Recruitment will be exhibiting at the Malvern Festival of Innovation on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd October - come and say hello...
6 Tips To Ace Your Phone Interview
If your CV has made it into the ‘YES’ pile, then the first thing the majority of companies will do is conduct their first shortlisting following a brief telephone interview or ‘screening’. Here are six important tips that will make sure you ace your phone interview…
Hewetts are geared up for Charity
Worcestershire businesses will come together on Wednesday 17th September to see who has the ability and stamina to reach pole position in Go Karting Charity Event....
Consultants Blog ... What advice would you give your younger self?
We asked our Consultants ... What advice would you give your younger self if you were just starting out on the career ladder again? Here are their thoughts...
H&W Chamber Business Expo - an event not to miss!
Business Expo on Thursday 18th September from 8am to 3pm at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern...
Skills shortage remains a growing issue in the UK
Although the outlook for creation of new jobs is the best it has been in years, not all in the UK labour market is rosy…
Getting a temp job and making money over the summer
Here are some top tips from Recruitment Consultant Jennie on how to register with us and how working throughout the holidays can be beneficial...
Employers seek graduates with 'soft skills'
More employers are now looking for graduates who have a good range of soft skills alongside technical knowledge…
Flexibility is the key reason people chose to 'temp'
Latest research from the REC provides us with vital information on why people are searching for flexibility in employment...
How to increase your confidence before an interview
To control pre-interview nerves and help you muster more confidence in anxious situations, consider these quick pre-interview confidence boosters from top psychologists...
HR lessons from the World Cup
Is there anything the world of HR can take from the greatest football show on earth?
Five Lessons for the Workplace from the Tour de France
With the Tour de France now well under way, there are a few key lessons can be applied to the workplace from this epic three-week race.
Kids Inc: Meet the youngsters running their own companies
BBC News presents Thomas, who is anything but typical. At 15, he is a seasoned businessman...
Ten things you didn’t know about employment law in Brazil
While the World Cup 2014 continues, XpertHR shares their guide to employment law for employers operating in Brazil …
Attract, engage and retain!
Competitive advantage depends less on what companies own and more on who they employ...
Are you guilty of these 10 CV Crimes?
Is your CV doing your skills and experience justice? Or are you committing an offence with these CV crimes? ...
IT / Computing Graduate Employability
It’s a great time to be an IT / Computing graduate! Now the UK Economy is firmly into recovery, companies are investing more in PEOPLE...
HR Professionals Conference
A successful event with speakers that did not disappoint the audience...
Our First Jobs
Hear from our Consultants about their very first jobs and their top tips for getting your first ever job...
Worcestershire 's thriving business community...
Support and celebrate businesses across the county and be part of the community...
Charity Family Fun Day
Lens-Online are organising a charity family fun day to raise money for KEMP Hospice...
The new work style is leaving the old behind
Due to new technologies we've changed the way we do business. The new work style is more efficient, more productive and more fun...
Success at Sixways for Worcester Full and Half Marathon runners
Fantastic weather conditions, support and volunteers the event was a great success for St. Richard’s Hospice and all involved…
Top 6 Body language tips
An infographic from Career Savvy providing you with useful body lanuage tips ready for your next interview...
Helping young people improve chances of securing work
By providing opportunities for young people to develop their interview skills and get some work experience, thousands more could secure employment...
10 Ways to Overcome Job-Interview Nerves
Nerves can be pretty hard to shake right before a big job interview, but here are some tips to help you overcome the nerves...
Ben's Marathon Training update
Ben, Strategic Development Director, is running the Worcester Half Marathon in aid of St. Richard's Hospice, find out how his training is going...
Workers from different generations bring huge benefits to business
A workplace in which four generations will work side by side for the first time in history will result in greater innovation
5 Must-Read CV Writing Tips
Here are five must-read CV writing tips that will help you create a CV with impact...
How to keep your eyes healthy at work
Top hints and tips on how and why to keep your eyes healthy while at work...
H&W Chamber Business Expo ... Success all round
Fantastic day of networking yesterday at the H&W Chamber Business Expo in Malvern...
National Apprenticeships Week 2014
Blog from the REC on the benefits of apprenticeships for National Apprenticeship Week...
Top Hints and Tips for a successful video interview
An infographic providing useful advice on how to master a video interview...
How Attractive Are You?
Attracting good people has become a science in itself, requiring a multi-faceted approach with a large dollop of creativity
Hints and tips for shift workers
Establishing the right routine and sleep pattern can make shift working an effective and beneficial option for individuals...
In A Career Rut?
Perhaps you jumped straight into a job after graduating and now, five years later, you’re bored and unfulfilled. In other words, you’re stuck in a career rut ... here are four ways to get unstuck...
Does the careers page on your website truly reflect your organisation
Keeping jobs and information updated is important, but visitors to your careers page also need to get a flavour of the business its culture and values...
Want To Be More Productive? 6 Things To Consider
Want to be more productive but not sure how? Whether you are working or job seeking or both, using the following tips will help you become more productive at work...
How to write an outstanding CV profile
The Guardian Careers advice page explains how to write and structure your introduction for maximum impact...
The Flux Report: How your workforce will look in 2018
The Flux Report, which surveyed 250 line managers and 100 HR decision makers, identified changes which have fundamentally altered practices in the workplace today and for the future...
Work-life Balance
Striking the right work life balance is important for our health and well-being. Check out these interesting facts and tips to help you find the right balance...
35 of the toughest interview questions
At every job interview there will no doubt be questions you weren't expecting to be asked, so here's some of the toughest interview questions and possible responses...
History of the CV
Fascinating facts surrounding the creation of the Curriculum Vitae...
REC/KPMG Report on Jobs: Growth of staff appointments accelerates sharply
REC/KPMG Report on jobs: published today – provides the most comprehensive guide to the UK labour market, drawing on original survey data...
How do you manage reoccurring sickness absence
According to a study published recently by the CIPD, the annual cost of sickness absence has climbed to almost £29 billion for UK organisations…
15 Rules of Resignation
Recruitment expert Greg Savage provide useful tips to remain professional during your resignation...
HR must be aware of ‘legal risks’ of checking Facebook and Twitter profiles.
The CIPD has released new guidance for employers on what constitutes good practice when conducting pre-employment checks on job applicants...
Wishing you Christmas cheer
We are once again pleased to be supporting the Worcester Business Community Carol Service 16th December 2013 4pm, Worcester Cathedral…
Top Hints and Tips for a successful interview
Recent article from the BBC with some useful advice on how to ace an interview...
REC/KPMG Report on jobs: Growth of staff placements eases, but salaries rise
Report on Jobs – published on 9th December – provides the most comprehensive guide to the UK labour market, drawing on original survey data provided by recruitment consultancies...
Encourage senior managers to volunteer for a charity
Volunteering as a trustee of a charity can complement and add real value to senior managers careers...
Reason why people quit their jobs
A new survey reveals the Top 10 reasons on why people are leaving their jobs...
Reasons to recruit in December
While you think about your holiday, let us think about filling that position...
Covering letters are a vital part of your job application
Here's how to make yourself stand out from the rest, just by using covering letters...
Must have skills for employment
In order to keep up with this ever-evolving world, business professionals everywhere must be flexible and versatile when it comes to their skills and knowledge...
Its not a weakness to ask for help
The latest Landers Consultancy Blog talks about how important it is to shout out and ask for help in the workplace...
Facts and figures on social media usage
Interesting facts and figures on social media usage from Recruitment Internationals latest white paper...
How to be a successful Networker
With the help of, we provide you with nine points on how to develop your networking abilities...
You can develop skills, but you can't train a personality
Richard Branson believes there is nothing more important than hiring the right team, taking personality as well as qualifications into account...
Legal e-bulletin mfg Solicitors
Employment law update for October 2013 ...
Agency Workers are a vital part of the UK's labour market...
Nine out of ten employers tell the REC they have offered a permanent role to someone who started as an agency worker.
Top tips for maximising your LinkedIn profile
INFOGRAPHIC - 17 tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile...
World Mental Health Day 10th October
It’s World Mental Health Day…but what does our annual Absence Management survey tell us about how employers are handling mental health problems in the workplace?...
REC/KPMG Report on Jobs: Staff appointments continue to rise strongly in September
The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG Report on Jobs - provides a guide to the UK labour market, drawing on original survey data provided by recruitment consultancies...
Kid's Company - Wonderful formula - Caring for abused children.
The charity 'Kids Company' gave a very moving address at the UK Community Foundation conference highlighting the vital support they give to some of the UKs most vulnerable youngsters.
Social Media is a 'must have for business'
Social media not only builds brand recognition - it starts a conversation and allows organisations to develop a personality.....
REC/LPMG Report on Jobs: Staff placements surge in July
The latest Report onJobs published yesterday indicate some of the fastest growth in recent months...
Making a better furture for Worcestershire.....
Shenstone Group - making a real difference in our communities for the next generation
It's Less About Survival and More About Growth
This months' Jobs Outlook indicates many employers foresee an increase in their permanent workforce over the next 3-6 months...
HR Conference comes to the new Worcester Arena
Wednesday 5th June, One of the top commentators on the UK labour market - Kevin Green as Keynote Speaker
Creating the engineering leaders of tomorrow
The future of manufacturing lies in the training of young people and giving them the opportunity to flourish........
What does the budget mean for local business?
Louise Hewett gauges feedback from Worcestershire businesses on the coalition’s budget
REC calls for budget to deliver practical measures
The budget needs to focus on three key areas: Skills shortages, protecting the flexible labour market and support for SME's
Jobs growth and the race for talent to continue
A recent survey shows that confidence continues to grow in recruitment despite the threat of a triple-dip recession....
Hewett partners University
University of Worcester is striving to ensure acquire a high level of 'employability skills' by the time they graduate...
Apprenticeships provide valuable 'on the job experience'
Changes to the education system will mean students have to remain in some form of studies or training until the age of 18....
Experts in their fields - Keeping it local
Textlocal works closely with Hewett Recruitment to grow its successful team
Working Together
Guest blogger - Top tips for nurturing all our workers....
REC Jobs Outlook survey - November 2012
Employer confidence continues to grow according to the latest REC Jobs Outlook survey
Recruitment & Employment Confederation reports on Social Media & Mobile Technology
Social media and mobile technology will revolutionise the recruitment industry
CIPD Update...
Employment outlook remains positive for the rest of theyear....
Employers to benefit from changes in flexible working rights
The extension of the right to request flexible working hours to all employees is expected to be announced later this week...
Warning regarding some recruitment agencies using travel and subsistence schemes for low paid workers.
A recent investigation on Radio 5 Live exposed some employment agencies using Travel & Subsistence schemes as a tax loop hole.
Flexible working can help retain skilled workers
The Flexible Working Commission Report by the REC offers some fascinating insights .....
October's mfg - Employment Law Briefing
October's Legal Bulletin from mfg Solicitors looks at the National Minimum Wage, Constructive Dismissal and the latest Tribunal statistics
Employment outlook is at its strongest level since 2008
The UK jobs market is set for a further boost for the remainder of 2012...
Healthy employees are more motivated
Staff members who are fit and active are likely to work at over 90% productivity.....
Greater flexible working could be positive legacy of recession - REC
New report highlights how flexible working practices can reduce absenteeism and improve staff morale...
REC/KPMG Report on Jobs
Permanent placements fall at a slower rate, while temp billings rise slightly in August...
Compulsory careers guidance in schools
Complulory careers guidance is a step in the right direction to help school leaves secure employment....
Worcestershire Ambassadors CSR Awards 2012
Deadline for Entry into the Worcestershire Ambassadors CSR Awards 2012 is Friday 30th July 2012...
Employers called on to 'train their way out of recession'
The majority of executives believe that training boots productivity.
Managing Stress In The Workplace
Employees need to feel valued in terms of what they bring to the workplace, so they maintain their confidence in pressurized times..
Manufacturing Showing Signs of Growth
The UK Manufacturing sector has sprung to life in the first few months of 2012 ...
'Employer of Choice' The Secret to Retaining Top Talent
"Creating an environment of open communication where feedback from employees is encouraged and values will help keep key players onside and engaged"....
CBI Reports Economy Set for 'Steady Pick-up'
Economy set for steady pick-up. The CBI is cautiously optimistic in predicting .....
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Hewett's Support Worcester Full & Half Marathon 2018
We are pleased to announce that Hewett Recruitment will be supporting St Richards Hospice and sponsoring the Worcester Full and Half Marathon 2018 as it enters its seventh year.
Christmas Legal E-Bulletin - Preparing Your Business for 2018
In the last Employment Law E-Bulletin of 2017, learn how to prepare your business for the new year ahead and the recent employment law developments that should be considered.
Louises Column - The Warriors Community Foundation
Many of us in business engage and support local causes, to help raise awareness and generate much needed funds for charities and local groups to continue their good work. I'd like to highlight and encourage you to get involved with the great work going on at an exceptional and award winning foundation, The Warriors Community Foundation.
Legal E-Bulletin - Reimbursement Scheme for Employment Tribunal Fees Announced
Sally Morris, Partner and Head of Employment for mfg Solicitors shares recent declaration about unlawful Employment Tribunal fees and the reimbursement that eligible applicants may be entitled to.
HR Professionals Conference 2017 - Huge Success
With over 100 delegates, this years' HR Conference hosted by Hewett Recruitment and the HW Chamber of Commerce is now the largest HR Conference in Worcestershire.
Louises Column - The Importance of Flexible Working
What to do as a job is the most important life decision that most people will ever have to make. This outranks other life-defining decisions such as where to live, starting a family, or getting married according to a recent survey.


Senior Marketing Executive (6 month FTC)
Worcester - Circa £30k
Senior Buyer / Purchasing Manager
Near Kidderminster - £25k - £35k
UI/UX Designer
Worcestershire - £400 per day
Inside Sales Coordinator
Droitwich - £dep on exp
Trainee Technical Recruitment Consultant
Worcester - £16-18K