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  • Are you short of the skills you need to grow? Speak to the new Hewett 50+ skills team.
  • SMEs – strengthen your teams by parachuting in the expertise you need.
  • Find an enthusiastic, flexible workforce – full time, part time and contract basis staff are available.
  • Gain instant access to committed people with years of experience.

Getting older means different things to different people – we don’t all want or need the same things. Some will be happy and lucky enough to retire early, and that is their choice. Others will need, or want, to continue working into their 60s.

In this skills short environment, the advantages to employers of accessing the accumulated skills and experience that the 50+ workforce has to offer cannot be ignored. In this area in particular where we have largely SMEs growing at a phenomenal rate, in most cases the ability to parachute in the skills they need on a flexible basis is extremely valuable.

But what do the 50/60+ workforce want? The answer is we cannot generalise, but flexibility is key. Many will want to continue working for personal fulfilment and enjoyment, but the majority will also need the financial benefit as they head towards retirement. Sharing and passing on their skills and experiences can be both rewarding and beneficial to all parties. Unfortunately workforce ages can still sometimes be viewed negatively, leaving skilled and experienced people locked out of the workplace simply because of their age.

Hewett Recruitment are offering an age positive route into employment by launching their ‘50+ Skills Team’. Louise Hewett commented, ‘ Our talented team of temporary workers are selected on the basis of skills, experience and attitude and have always included every age group, but now we want to positively encourage and attract the 50 pluses to join our team and bring their skills and talents back into the workplace.

To find out more about the ‘50+ Skills Team’, contact